Top 3 High Class Mayfair Escorts

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Mayfair is one of the most affluent and popular districts of London, it has a lot to bring to the table in the way entertainment and the Mayfair escorts are known as the most High class entertainment, so here is a short list of the top 3 most High class Mayfair escorts;


Elina is the perfect example of a high class Mayfair escort, she has an absolutely perfect figure and beautiful bust to match her luxurious style and vibrant personality. If you’re out with this girl on a dinner date then expect to be bombarded by compliments and ego stroking, because this girl really does like to impress her clients and impress them she will not only with her beauty but with her intellectual social ability to be easily relatable to any top, proving to be quite the adept conversationalist.


Dasha is a one of a kind girl that really does love her profession, she loves her clients and meeting new people being quite the social person. Dasha has a beautiful figure and bust to match her social personality that is always bubbly and exciting, she’s great when you take her out to a bar because she really blooms as the great enthusiast she is. Time and time again Dasha always impresses us with the amount of clients she brings in because many literally can’t get enough of her seductive prowess.


Marika is a very saucy Italian girl that really is high class to the core, with a stunning 34DD bust and gorgeous figure this girl really does light up the entire room when she enters. Marika goes out of her way for clients and likes to advise them on the best places to go and to dance, because Marika loves dancing and partying with her clients till all hours of the night until you’re both tired and ready for the kinky night she has in store for you. Please note that all our High class Mayfair escorts must be respected by their clients and we’ve known a few respectful clients to be rewarded nicely at the end.


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