Old TV Episodes Never Get Old!

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I so love watching the old reruns of the television show TOWIE, there is just something about it which I think is so great. Tonight I downloaded one of the Marbella specials which I had completely forgot about, its so nice to see the old faces again, ones that we have really missed, but we have London escorts to keep us busy in that respect.

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So Who Are The Stars That Left

Dan Osboune – no longer on the show because he was a bit of a bad boy, in fact he was completely out of order and got caught out, lets be honest you can’t go around saying things like he did and getting away with it. No matter what ever happens men are there to protect women and not say things like he did but it is so nice to sit there and watch the old Dan O before we moved into the not liking him zone.

Elliot Wright, Mr Old Fashion hasn’t been gone for very long but the show is just not the same with out him, that deep voice, that I am so hard ( he wishes) personar, what a loss we have had.

Tom Piece – come back Tom, the best looking boy on TOWIE since Mark Wright departed, his thick black hair and those deep set eyes. WOW

Gemma Collins – GC, this is one that we could really do with loosing, can you belive that this “thing” blocked a London escort agency on Twitter? When I say loosing I mean completely out of the public eye, she has gone from TOWIE – hopefully for good. What is it with her big mouth, her huge mouth, her nasty mouth. Gemma Collins didn’t have a nice thing to say about anyone and I think she was the biggest downside of the program. Gemma was the one who started all the rows, as I write this she is on my screen and for some strange reason I want to hit fast forward!!

Who Have We Missed

I don’t think that we see enough of Lauren Pope on the show, she is great and when you see her “:back in the day” you relies just how amazing she is and you think oh my where is she. Lauren wears some of the best clothes out of all the TOWIE girls and the shame is that the last season we just saw her upset all the time with the arguments which went on, I am hoping the new season of TOWIE sees the return of the old Lauren Pope.

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