My favorite parts of London

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I love greater London. I have been there several time before and each time I found something new to enjoy. London is one of those places where you could literally find anything around the next corner which to me makes it a really special place. No matter how old you are the sights of London are something to behold and I can guarantee that it will never leave your mind for as long as you live. London is a cultural icon of the world where you will find the cliché and the no-so cliché such as Kensington escorts.

I am one to avoid clichés but you have to check out the major monuments on your first visit. Particular highlights for me have to be tower bridge which when walking north  is a fantastic walk as you have views of the Shard from behind and upon crossing the bridge you will find the Tower of London to your left which looks fabulous.

Any visit to London would not be complete without a visit to Buckingham Palace. Again this is a great walk as you can check out the building and then continue walking on through ST James Park until you reach the marble arch. After that I recommend that you walk up horse guard’s road until you find Downing Street which from the looks of it you cannot walk down unfortunately.

London has some amazing restaurants whether you are looking for some simple pub grub or something fantastic. A notable restaurant is the Union Street Café which is located on Great Suffolk Street. Here you will find a refined menu which is focused on providing an authentic selection of Mediterranean dishes.

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