Enjoy relaxing on a rooftop with a London escort

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The nightlife in London is as you would expect any major city in the world to be, booming. In the United Kingdom London is the best city to visit if you are looking for a night of excitement. There are countless places to visit in London once night falls and most of them will stay open way into the early hours of the morning. Of course bars and clubs are what first comes to mind when you think of nightlife in London but did you know there are many phenomenal rooftop locations in the capital to visit which are perfect venues for spending your evening.


If you have not experienced relaxing in one of the capitals rooftop bars, enjoying a drink and the most amazing views of the capital cities skyline I highly recommend you go and do so. One of the greatest rooftop bars in London is Skylounge which is a unique and brilliant place to relax and escape the busy city centre. Often visited by gentlemen being accompanied by glamourous and beautiful women like the London escorts who advertise on http://www.londonpunt.co.uk, Skylounge is a magnificent retreat to relax and wine down after a long stressful week. Skylounge is a part of the DoubleTree hotel by Hilton so as you expect this rooftop bar is extremely high class and is a popular location of the high class escorts of London to visit.


If you are looking for an extraordinary experience, book yourself the company of an attractive and charming London escort and spend the duration of your booking at Skylounge. Take in everything this wonderful venue has to offer and you will find yourself having an unforgettable experience with the company of a London escort who admires you and adores your company. The escort of your choice will be pleased and excited when she finds out where she will be heading for the booking duration, giving you an excellent first impression and a terrific experience to come!

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